Your Second and Vacation Home

Your Second and Vacation Home

AHB Presents:


        What if tax savings,, historically low borrowing rates and seasonal rental streams could literally pay for your dream home get away?  Families who understand the bonding and legacy value of their special retreat don’t need prodding to close the deal.  They need numbers, a little vision, a real estate pro and the perfect place or two or three…

        Plan A: Your own family vacation home/ no rental income needed.  You’ve made a decision about a general location; maybe even as broad as “somewhere in the mountains”.  Your highly trained buyer’s agent acts like the architect and engineer of your future vision: revealed. Our team at AHB knows precisely how to help you find the right area, the best location- the perfect second/ vacation home for you.  It all begins with our proprietaries “2nd/ vaca” client data form.  You fill it out (about one hour) we do all the rest.  Based upon your objective responses and subjective vision (which we record through interviews) the field of choice is pinpoint narrowed to “Breckenridge” for example.  Fast-forward to the home, the stream, trees, mountain view, neighborhood, minutes to Lift 7, etc. and whamo we’ve nailed the place- your place.  No worries- nobody’s going to snatch it out from under you; we will tie it up till you have a chance to personally inspect- fall in love; or not.  The secret source?  Your agent, your personal dream home rep who’s all yours, just for you/ to make absolutely certain that all of your best interests are protected.  Especially when dealing in markets which are somewhat foreign, securing and trusting your own buyer’s agent is of paramount importance.  And here’s the icing.  We can “Co-Broker” with the local listing agent costing you virtually zero additional commission.  That’s enough words for now; proof’s in the pudding- right? Check out our client data input forms and or references.

        Plan B: Take all of Plan A and merge in the following: 1) which prospective property will generate the highest off season/ on season rental income? 2) how long do you (buyer) expect to want/ need the extra income? 3) what happens if we change our mind- can we keep this property and buy another? Should we? 4) Will the rental income cover our PITI expenses- even deferred maintenance? 5) How do we secure capital gains tax treatment upon resale? 6) How do we choose the best leasing/ management company? 7) Can we convert our dream home into a pure working investment? And, finally- 8) How do we protect and preserve our property as a legacy family retreat- our golden pond? Do we need a trust or family partnership to pass down ownership now? Utilize a quit- claim deed transfer? Grantor Trust @ 99% / 1%? Skip a generation to the grandchildren? Can we still keep all the income and tax benefits? On and on.  We at AHB patiently and professionally answer all of your questions.  Remember, we’re different..  We choose our clients carefully and happily stay in- with you for the long pull.  We love our work and we love our clients.  

Thank you for reading this week’s blog!  Please check back next week for AHB Presents: Time to Sell??  Ready? Set? Now What?

Aimee Bouc


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