Time to Sell? Ready? Set? Now what?

Time to Sell? Ready? Set? Now what?


We feel your pain.  We really and truly do.  Insurance, lawyers, dentists and real estate agents.  Who in the world doesn’t have the very best golf pro or OB/GYN?  Would any of us trust second best? Of course not.  And herein lies the dilemma.  If all of us have the best or is at least held hostage to the brother in law, how can we/ do we; a) not hurt family/ friend feelings; b) receive our very own “best” real estate agent; c) get the best possible price/ terms; d) close in the fewest days possible, and e) find, secure and close on your new home with seamless ease?  Note that your agent transactional relationship did not end at “D”- closing on your sale.  No, it moves forward- we move forward to the natural and proper conclusion of the present task: sell, buy, sell, buy- it’s all a dance, and you best make the right moves coordinated and in perfect sync.  That’s what we do.  We take responsibility- control where needed to assure our clients best possible sale, re-buy outcomes, so when shopping for a car mechanic or heart surgeon, what’s the most reliable, timeless process?  Easy right? We ask around or more likely, they come out of the woodwork as if Craig’s List surveilled our thoughts. There’s a better way.  The 5280 way.

At 5280, we believe in truth first, facts second and data third.  In God we trust, all others bring your data.  We absolutely refuse to reject, alter or manipulate the truth/ as we know it, pertaining to your home sale listing and simultaneous new acquisition (if we have earned your trust on phase 1 “SELL”).  Preparation, productivity and price come together.  We promise you the truth at all costs at all times- even if you don’t want to hear it.  As you might imagine, selling price is usually the biggest stickler.  We both want the last thousand- we’re both paid the same way. Best for you is best for me (us/ 5280).  But only if it’s right and best for you- our client.  If we conduct ourselves and transact your sale exceedingly well, haven’t we earned your trust on the buy side? Of course we have- and you have earned our very best once more.  So, ask yourself these two vital questions about us:

        Q1  Why Aimee Sells 5280?

       Q2  Why now, why next?

A1:  I and my 5280 team do not need your deal. We are debt free, living within our means and believe in plowing back our good fortune into joint ventured investments (often with our clients) and the less fortunate folks in our community.  We choose you- our client every bit as thoughtfully as you choose us.  If the fit isn’t right- we will ask to be unhooked even recommending our replacement.  Our network of vital strategic alliances is second to none, and, we don’t stop at lenders, inspectors, appraisers, restorers, title closers, (Although ours are #1, best in market).  We go beyond- way beyond with top ranked CPA’s, lawyers, community banks, covenant and HOA experts, subordinated lenders for openers.  As important- we listen and wonder: “how can we better serve you, our client…?” When you need a pro, we’ll find him/ her for you.  5280 does all the customary things you expect from your listing agent/ buyer’s agent. We are set apart because of who we are, one by one starting with me, Aimee Bouc.  It’s my name on the sign.  My name, my reputation, my satisfied clients and alliances- it’s all I’ve got.  There’s no price tag on integrity.  Finally, we won’t be outworked our outsmarted.

A2:  “NOW” doesn’t have to mean “sign here”.  Now means it’s the right time to see if we’re right for each other; nothing more.  The right fit for right now, or we put it on the shelf for another day.  A year from “now”  you won’t remember if we closed on Tuesday the 3rd or Thursday the 12th, but you will acutely recollect the quality of our work- our keeping of promises made, and how honestly we managed you “client expectations”.

So, why me, why now? Let’s meet and decide together.


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