Networking, Relationships or blood?

Networking, Relationships or blood?

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The timeless mark of great professionals is what you know in a who you know world.  Networking is an adequate effort for real estate agents seeking traditional sale listings.  AHB works tirelessly with all the usual alliances that our clients expect.  But we go farther and deeper than the common market expectations; the why more vital than the how.  Here’s what I mean.  As my AHB team goals continue to develop and expand, we demand more of ourselves and all of our strategic alliances: all the players who we entrust with your success.  By itself, networking simply signifies the coming together of complementary quid pro quo. AHB rejects the premise of cross referral unless the alliance promises the absolute best client solution.  Often the deals are better for the service providers than for the buyer or seller client for obvious reasons.  This is a patently unacceptable association. We can do better for you.

Relationships suggests commitment to a greater personal cause: not just a deal/ a transaction, but a sustained connection which must first benefit the client and secondly/ ultimately the agent/ broker.  This natural order of who wins first and most (you, the client!) is never negotiable even when the “relationship” morphs to partnership, where we jointly buy and own investment properties.  AHB’s pledge to our client is our faithful, relentless delivery of our best for you all the time every time.  We know that many of our competitors  are wannabees who preach a similar message; the problem is one trick ponies don’t deserve your business.  We at AHB believe we do…

Blood. Liquid fuel to power the client and advisor’s long term performance- our sacrifice to you and your best current needs? Yes. Your long term, lifelong dreams? Yes.  To us, it’s simple and straightforward.  The value of a “life client” outweighs the illusion of “This deal” by leaps and bounds.  Here’s the point.  AHB’s business philosophy  mirrors our clients’ demand for excellence and integrity.  We choose you carefully as you choose us.  We stake our professional lives on doing right by/ for you, long term or not at all.  We believe in and practice the principle of dynasty- yours.  If we serve you sacrificially as servant, we too will reap our rewards and our own real property jewels will blossom along with yours. This brings us to our final tenet about servant leadership and selfless client service.

CHOOSING AND GIVING.  AHB’s entire business is built upon two vital truths:

  1. We choose our broker associates, alliances, experts and partners with great care- only those who share our beliefs and values. We choose our clients as carefully; only those who appreciate and demand the very best both for the present task and for the long pull.
  2. Give all we’ve got to those we’ve chosen with real discernment. Simply put “choose our people with perseverance- put all our eggs into the right basket then give them all we’ve got without ROI expectation”. Give, then give some more.  Don’t take, give some more. We are all in in for our specially chosen client.  We know that this gift of giving- when offered to the right client will yield us results beyond our wildest dreams.  We will ultimately reap the benefits of your success.  Just ask our clients.  

POWER OF ONE.  AHB is living proof of a powerful and profound energy; the energy of choosing and giving and trusting.  The client’s choice of his or her real estate professional can make the difference between profit and loss; wealth and poverty.  One needs look no farther than the 2007 through previous times of abject financial destruction due to the abuse of the entire residential lenders and appraisal network.  Realtors and their referred appraisers and lenders bear a responsibility for the progression of subprime lending, foreclosures, bankruptcies and family tragedies.  When AHB partners with referral alliances such as banks, CPA’s, lawyers, mortgage lenders, closers and the like, we captain your team- the buck stops here.  Point? Most folks tend to invest more logic, weekly research and value comparisons into our weekly grocery trip than choosing the steward of our single biggest asset/ our home.  This reality hurts when things go south but the bigger question is how good could it have been?  AHB chooses its relationship for quality- not quantity, then mines their brainpower, integrity and client referrals.  What better way for us and you too prosper than to a) screen, b) choose, c) give, d) mine.  The platinum relationships- not shotgun spreading networking, pinpoint  rifle aim & shoot.


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