Divorce Reality and Victory

Divorce Reality and Victory


Real Estate and divorce don’t mix..  Almost always.  The primary residence must be sold to settle the marital estate.  Depending upon the family’s total asset makeup and value relative to primary and secondary home ownership, the sale (then re-purchase) for each spouse typically drives the remaining asset unwinding strategy.  Family success only occurs when all three transaction for primary residences are transparently achieved.  Both spouses desire the highest possible sale price and  new home(s) suitability/ affordability.

Aimee Sells 5280, the principle,  Aimee Bouc is certified as a marital/ divorce expert pertaining to every conceivable aspect of listing, marketing and selling your marital home.  But, this is just the beginning of our work and expertise for our divorcing clients.  We work closely with counsel to assure that closing proceeds (settlement sheet) are held properly in trust or escrow account.  Once the sale proceeds are distributed as to the divorce decree (and agreed upon by spousal counsel), the “new buy” planning reaches its pinnacle. Often 5280 can and will offer a reduced commission structure when all three transactions (“sale”, spouse 1, spouse 2 “buy”)..  More importantly, we represent you, and only you.  Our entire interest and reputation rests with each family member’s absolute victory.

Depending on the decree mandate; a) titling b) equity c) splitting d) cash down e) childrens residence and f) mortgage payments, 5280 will work in concert with each spouse (if desired) to guaranty that each party’s new home buying experience is seamless and completely within the marriage dissolution agreement.  We cannot overemphasize the importance of property selection, neighborhood, schools or affordability.  How each former spouse titles and “owns” his/ her new home is  a crucial decision.  It’s our experience that divorce causes people to rethink the way they transact their vital assets-most specifically real estate and homes, planning tools such as pre and post nuptial agreements and living trusts are regular asset protection devices when new residences are purchased or built.  We thrive on helping our clients fully understand their “going forward” options which will best achieve objectives.

Why Aimee Sells 5280? As real estate professionals, we specialize and dedicate our energies towards your special needs.  We appreciate that there is no room for error either with your sacred dollars or timing of sale and purchases.  All must come together in synch where trust- your trust in me/ us is paramount.  We are highly trained and unparalleled when divorce drives the need for the family home’s sale.  Your needs are unique (compared to the traditional deal) and we treat you as such.  You, your family, your advisors- the Court can all rest assured that all of your real estate affairs will be handles with the utmost care and highest standards.  Our very rare certification, Real Estate Divorce Certified Specialist (REDCS),  plainly evidences our educational and real world knowledge to guide you through perhaps the most difficult and crucial phase of your lives.


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